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Lats – The psoas of the upper body
Special Workshop with Krista Shirley
Thursday, April 24th, 2014. 6-8pm
$30 members (register); $35 non-members (register)
In this session you will learn about the true ‘core’ of the upper body and how to bring awareness to the lats during our asana practice. We will dissect simple anatomical mechanics of the lats and how use of the upper body’s ‘core’ will allow you to gain a deeper level of control over your body, breath, and bandhas. Join Krista in learning how to take your practice to a whole new level. 2 hours.

All students with a daily Ashtanga practice will benefit from this two hour exploration of the use of the upper body's core. It is especially helpful for those needing to strengthen the upper body, working on jump backs or jump throughs, working to deepen back bends, or working through injuries or general body discomfort.

Monday-Friday April 16-25. View schedule.
Included in regular Mysore tuition for ongoing students.
New? Register now for one month / one week / one day.
New students and beginners are welcome to attend.

Krista will also be offering private sessions. Please email to make an appointment:

About Krista:
Krista Shirley is a KPJAYI Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher and owner/head teacher at The Yoga Shala in Orlando, Florida.

Krista has been a dedicated student and practitioner of Ashtanga yoga for over a decade. She found this practice in college and it touched her so deeply she traveled down a path different than what was originally laid out for her. After graduation she started traveling the world delving deeper into her yoga studies. After meeting Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in a workshop in New York in 2004 Krista knew she had found her Guru – his essence was undeniable, his spirit light and loving, and his vast knowledge of asana, Sanskrit, chanting and philosophy was an endless well to draw from. Krista has made eight trips to Mysore, India to study at the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in order to study with Guruji and Sharath, connect to this lineage and feel the essence of this living parampara. In 2009 Krista received Level 2 Authorization by the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute to teach both the Primary and Intermediate series. She is currently learning the Advanced A Series.

Krista’s dedication to her personal yoga practice and the Ashtanga lineage shine through in her teaching. Her energy is contagious and inspiring! Krista specializes in meeting each student where they are, helping them not only create a habit of daily practice, learn the sequence of asanas, work towards physical mastery of the postures, but also helping each student go inside themselves to heal old wounds, forgive old hurts, let go of the things in their lives that no longer serve them. Krista is here to help you begin or advance your Ashtanga Yoga journey and looks forward to sharing this transformational and enriching practice with you.

About Mysore:
“Mysore style” is traditionally practiced silently, with individual instruction, and is named after Mysore, India, where Ashtanga yoga originated and was taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois for many years. Anyone is welcome to come to this class. Students will work at their own pace, according to his or her individual needs, while Krista walks around the room providing hands on adjustments and verbal instruction as needed. If you do not have the primary series memorized, you will spend your first few weeks in class repeating bits of the standing sequence until it is committed to memory. At that point, you will come in daily, do your sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures and finishing postures on your own, under the guidance of your teacher. Mysore style is the absolute best way to learn and practice Yoga. It enables you to create a dedicated, daily practice that will take you infinitely deeper into the peace and calm a quiet mind and strong body can provide.

Ashtanga Yoga, done daily, will increase flexibility, strength, endurance, and physical and mental balance; it will cleanse the internal systems of the body and provide a healthy source of focus and dedication in ones life – something everyone needs!

About Led:
Ashtanga Primary Series - Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy):
This traditional sanskrit counted class will explore the fundamentals of the Ashtanga Yoga Method in a led/guided classroom setting.: The Vinyasa system, expanding the breath, and the principles of the bandhas and drishti. Experience continuous movement with breathe learning the harmonious flow of the first series in its traditional form. Primary Series will cover the Sun Salutation, standing postures, seated postures and all finishing postures from the Ashtanga Yoga tradition. This class is recommended for those already exposed to Ashtanga Yoga practice.

Visiting Teacher: Bibi Lorenzetti
May 17 & 18, 2014
Practice + Food: A weekend intensive in how food and yoga come together.

Saturday, May 17th from 9-11:30am.
Vegetarian Lifestyle and Cooking

Being a vegetarian in your life and in your kitchen-- a 3-course vegetarian meal with discussion on vegetarian diet.

Whether you already consider yourself a chef or think cooking a meal for one involves the microwave and plastic wrap, this class is for you! Bibi will teach you how to make easy, fast, and most importantly, nutritious meals that you’ll want to make again and again.
-​L​earn to cook easy and fast and healthy meals for one or more
-Discover new foods and how to use them
-Learn Bibi’s top tips and tricks to guarantee a flavorful meal
-Learn the benefits of the foods we’re eating

​Class includes:
-Cooking demonstration​
-​3-course meal, Instructions & recipes

Sunday, May 18th from 9-11.30am
Asana Practice & Healthy Lifestyle

Led primary series followed by a discussion on food & healthy lifestyle ​and how it's related to the practice.

May 16-23, 2014.
Door opens for practice at 8:15 am Sunday and 6:30 am Monday-Friday.
Opening mantra/teacher guidance at 8:30 am on Sunday and 7 am Monday-Friday until 9:30 am each day.
Door closes at 10 am.
Beginners should arrive after 8:30 on Sunday or after 7am Mon-Fri on their first day.
Included in regular Mysore tuition for ongoing students.
New? Register now for one month / one week / one day.
Beginners and new students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Bibi will also be offering private yoga, cooking, and health coaching sessions. Please email to make an appointment:

After meeting Shri Sharath Jois in a workshop in New York in 2011 Bibi knew she had found her Guru. Since then she has traveled yearly to see her teacher in Mysore, India and study under his guidance at the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI).

Bibi is currently learning the Advanced A Series under the guidance of Shri Sharath Jois, her beloved Guru. She assists Kristin Leigh and Barbara Verocchi at the Shala's Mysore program in NYC.

Bibi is passionate about her personal yoga practice and the Ashtanga lineage. Her devotion and love for the practice come through her teaching, inspiring others to stay on the path. She shares this with enthusiasm and contagious joy! Bibi guides her beginner students in the building of a daily practice, and assists the growth of the more advanced practitioners. Her teachings are inspired by her own practice and the desire to foster greater introspection, and a deeper sense of self in order to evoke clarity, light, space, and stability.

In her work as a health coach, Bibi emphasizes taking proper care of oneself through fine-tuning the body and tapping into its inner wisdom. In her programs, Bibi supports her clients in making radically positive changes in the way they feel about and perceive themselves through food and cooking.

"I extend boundless gratitude to my Guru Sharath Jois, and my teachers and mentorsand look forward to sharing these transformational and awakening practices with you." -Bibi

♥Ashtanga Mexico Retreat with Elise Espat
May 17-24, 2014
Xinalani Retreat, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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